10 Nov 2013


made of German mohair & alpaca.
She wears beautiful hand dyed silk ribbon x

23 Oct 2013


made of German mohair,
she has a felted nose and wears antique lace with her initial.

15 Aug 2013

three new bears

Fleur, made of tea dyed viscose with hand embroidered ribbon

Priscilla, made of German mohair with hand ribbon embroidery

Dorothy, made of German mohair with antique lace

They were all adopted by one customer... :o

22 Jul 2013

pink bear for a little girl

I made a special teddy bear for my friend's 4 year old niece, made of pink organic cotton with plastic eyes & joints :)

hope she'll like her... xxx

9 Jul 2013


Another new bear... Solange <3 made of tea dyed viscose.

5 Jul 2013


My latest bear Emmy, made of German mohair.

She wears antique lace around her neck ;)

23 May 2013


little antique inspired viscose bear Luce is available on my Etsy shop x

13 Apr 2013

Ophelia and Tippi

Two viscose bears are available on my shop now :)



"We are good friends x"

22 Mar 2013


Clara is made of tea dyed viscose, 
wearing a cotton lace collar with vintage floral tape x

10 Mar 2013


Elizabeth, made of German mohair with beautifully hand dyed rayon ribbon.

28 Feb 2013


I made a bear using mohair in a while.

Jack has very bear like features compared to my last few bears :)

15 Feb 2013

2 Feb 2013