19 Nov 2012


Hi everyone,

I just finished my antique like bear Jessica.

She's made of viscose. feels very soft <3

23 Oct 2012


hello :)

Here's my latest bear Suzette.

She has a very different look from my other bears, having olive eyes and light brown nose.

I like her style a lot and I may try making some other ones that have nice colours like her.

7 Oct 2012



I made this antique looking girl last week.
Her name is Nora (because she wears French antique initial tape that says "N.D.")

I struggled to get her face right but happy with the final result :)

3 Sep 2012

Loretta & Lydie

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry I haven't updated my blog so long...
I was busy moving back to Japan and starting living on my own recently :))

Also my brand name has changed from "Tokyo Plastic Girl" to "bon*bon bears."
I thought I would need more simple name for my teddy bear brand.

I made two bears, Loretta and Lydie.
They're both sweet little girls x

25 Jun 2012

my shop is back!

I am sorry I didn't mention here that I closed my shop last week according to my move back to Tokyo.
However, now my shop is open again :)

Now I have another online shop for Japanese customers as well so please note that my bears may be taken out from the listing on Etsy at any time.

Please enjoy shopping xx

24 May 2012


I'm moving back to Tokyo soon, and I realised I won't be able to carry all of my bears :p so I've decided to sell some of them on eBay.

He's my first eBay item!

hope he can find his new home :)

Please check my eBay xx

20 May 2012


Hello :))

I just added this sweet baby bear Lily to my shop.

I created a new pattern changing slightly from Melody's.
She's 21cm tall, made of German mohair.

hope you like her xx

"Lily is a little baby bear. She has a key for her treasure box, no one knows what's inside it..."

30 Apr 2012


Hello :)
It's been a while again!
Here's my newest bear Annie.

"Annie is a girl who loves walking in the woods. Her best friend is a little bird she met there."

1 Apr 2012


It's been ages since I last updated this blog.

I had been working on a new pattern and finally she's come out :)

Melody is made of alpaca and I hand-dyed it in pastel pink.

She's very soft and cuddly xx

5 Mar 2012


I must say I'm really really happy with him!

He's got a little camera and a map :))
such vintage look!

The map is like a little book so you can open it (but please do it gently!)

1 Mar 2012


Seems like ages since I last made a bear!

I couldn't get the filling until 1 week after I ordered it :(

Anyway... here's a new bear Juliet.

I tried a couple of new things on her: beeswax for her nose and buttons on her arms & legs :D

"Juliet is a girl who fancies her classmate Edward. She wants to talk to him but she's not brave enough..."

20 Feb 2012


It surprises me how exactly the same pattern can make very different looking bears!

Amélie was made with the same pattern as Sophie, but she looks a lot more petite than Sophie :)

I tried to add her some antique-like features.
I think it worked well for her.

"Amélie is a daughter of an antique shop owner. Although she gets lonely without her mum who's often travelling for buying goods, Amélie loves seeing all the beautiful antique items she brings back."

17 Feb 2012


My ultimate goal is to make antique-style bears (but not exactly the same style as antique, still somehow modern).

I've been changing my bear's pattern every time I make a new one and I think it's finally settled for now.

I'm happy with how Sophie's come out. She has many cute characters x

"Sophie is a girl who lives in countryside. Today she is picking strawberries since her mum is making a strawberry tart for her visitors."

15 Feb 2012


I struggled so much to finish Michelle.

I was trying to change my pattern into something more ideal, and she was born during my try & error attempts.

As a result, I'm happy with what I've done. She has this little shy face and the delicate laces add vulnerable look on her.

Now she should be arriving somewhere in America :)

"Michelle is a shy girl. She loves the laces she was given from her grandma and always wears them."

14 Feb 2012


Thomas is made of really nice mohair, it gives him a bit of vintage look.

I have a collection of mohair samples from a German supplier but it's still hard to pick the right ones for the look I want.

"Thomas is an active boy who loves playing outdoor. His secret weapon is the little robot on his chest."

13 Feb 2012


I made her after I had 1 month holiday in Tokyo.
Although it was nice spending time there seeing my friends and shopping, I missed making teddy bears a little.

So I was full of inspiration making Stella :)
She is the joy of spring... little flowers and leaves showing up from the ground after the snow melts.

"Stella is a girl who loves spring. She is waiting for the signs of spring to appear."

12 Feb 2012


I probably had the most affection for her because she was my first bear I used my original pattern with, yet she was sold within 24 hours after I added her to my shop!

So I kind of still miss her... I hope she's doing well in Australia :)

"Susie is a girl who loves walking in woods. Her best friend is the little bambi on her chest."